Sunday, October 3, 2010

"I buckle my safety belt, pull goggles down over my eyes, turn to the men at the blocks, and nod. Frozen figures leap to action. A yank on the ropes - the wheels are free. I brace myself against the left side of the cockpit, sight along the edge of the runway, and ease he throttle wide open. Now, in seconds we´ll have the answer. Action brings confidence and relief."
Charles A. Lindbergh The Spirit of St. Louis


D-ra Ralu said...

If I haven't received any email yet, should I be worried?

YoU-TURN team said...

Dear D-ra,

as far as we know all the applicants have received an answer from us... Checking our e-mail account I didn´t see yours... A stone that got lost on the way?..

Sometimes in life coincidents make decisions for us..

All the best to you,
the yoU-Turn Team