Sunday, October 3, 2010

"I buckle my safety belt, pull goggles down over my eyes, turn to the men at the blocks, and nod. Frozen figures leap to action. A yank on the ropes - the wheels are free. I brace myself against the left side of the cockpit, sight along the edge of the runway, and ease he throttle wide open. Now, in seconds we´ll have the answer. Action brings confidence and relief."
Charles A. Lindbergh The Spirit of St. Louis

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear yoU,

we are wondering if this waiting excitment has kept you sliding on as high wave of curiosity, openness and readiness to act just like us?! We hope so!!!

Let´s turn this empowering energy into creating something we truely believe in!

We´ll send out our happy welcome-letters and regretting regret-cards by the end of this week.

Stay tuned!

the yoU-Turn Team
...over and over again we are amazed realizing how wonderful people we live together with in this world... everywhere around us us! ...full of wonders...and so much good will, passion, talent, dedication, empathy...

For everybody to appreciate it and to make the best of it!

Thank you, friends, for applying for our training course yoU-Turn! We regret not being able to meet all of you this time but we are oh-so-happy to know that we are oh-so-many striving for the same goals!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

YoU - Turn

Dear reader,

Are you curious? You just found a space that will evolve during the coming weeks ... this is the space that turns now into tomorrow ...

a stone in a river ...